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How it all begann – our idea of the perfect African jewelry & artifacts shop

Hi there!

Welcome again to the African Village, I thought to let you know how it was birthed. I come from the Kamba tribe, home to the Kenyan Kyondo/Basket!

The African Village was formed 25yrs ago with the vision to help women in the villages that were struggling hard to raise their families by selling Kyondo ( Kenyan sisal basket). My family especially my mom was passionate enough in Ukambani, ( a rural area in the Kamba tribe) her home town and started buying the baskets from groups of women in her village. She would then sell them in her shop that was located in the city of Nairobi-Kenya. The more she sold, the more these women would weave more baskets, and enable them to send their children to school. It is a fair trade!

Where there is a will there is a way.”

I enjoyed helping my mom at her shop through my childhood, especially selling baskets of women that come from my own village, my grandma included! Selling and interacting with customers was so much fun than hanging out with my friends :). I thought this was a very nice thing to do and I can do it!.  So I decided to join my mom and partnered with her after my schooling, where I visited the women in the village with her, and we would buy more baskets. The smile in these women’s faces  touched my heart and I thought this is something I want to keep doing.

As the years went by we were not only selling hand made sisal baskets, but we decided to explore to see what other items women make. Kenya for many years has been a tourist attraction country and so the more tourists, the greater the demand for products.   We got customers who liked our products and made special orders, we then gave these orders to the same women, and with time this birthed new ideas. Ideas of not just new basket designs, but other hand made products. From then on our business started to grow and expand to not only in Kenya but oversees. We started attending fairs in Italy and Turkey in 1994 with good success until we relocated to the United States in the year 2000 where we are now permanently located.

Our Products:

All our products are authentic, hand made with natural materials. We now sell products from different villages in Kenya due to customer demand and intent to reach out to other cultures and tribes, and majority (90%) of these products are made by women! Our products represent the different cultures and tribes in Kenya, (including my own) not forgetting the Kenyan wildlife. These is seen in the material, art/details and colors used to decorate. The Masai tribe is very well know for their colorful beaded jewelry that include necklaces, bracelets and belts with:

  • Red – standing for bravery, unity, and blood. …
  • White – representing peace, purity, and health. …
  • Blue – representing energy and the sky. …
  • Orange – Symbolizing hospitality. …
  • Yellow – like orange yellow also symbolizing hospitality…

We try our best to keep the same groups of women and now some men, with a goal of maintaining the consistency of high quality products for our customers.

Thank you for visiting our online shop, we always treat our customers with respect and friendliness with a goal to provide the best customer service. We are constantly striving to update our website inventory to provide our visitors and customers with the best shopping experience possible. We also love our customers and are always open to customers comments and suggestions. We are in the process of looking for a store where you can also physically find us in the most convenient area, please stay tuned we will keep you posted.

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